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***WARNING THESE CAN BE DANGEROUS*** THESE WERE MADE TO BE A FUN TACTICAL TOOL AND NOT A WEAPON! To fire each dart, remove the top safety cover and pull down the protective collar. Press each button to unleash the ballistic 440C stainless dart above it. To reload this device, put the darts back in and put most of your body weight on the rear of the device until they lock into place. Each dart is constructed of a solid piece of 440C stainless steel, & includes 3 extra darts. The protective collar acts as a "safety" and will not fire unless pulled down.

∙ Dimensions: 5.5" X 1.6" X 1"

∙ Construction: Stainless Steel w/ ABS Fittings

∙ Total Weight: 3.7 oz

∙ Dart Material: Solid 440C Stainless Steel

∙ Total of 6 darts included

∙ Free Carrying Case

∙ Free Shipping


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